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St. Goar, Germany

Ceramic Oil Pourerby Local Artist/Crafter

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Handmade, ceramic oil pourer with duck, sun and flower design.   Smooth glazed finish, hand painted.  The ceramic piece is made out of clay mined 50kms out of St. Goar, Germany, and burnt at 1500 degrees Celsius.  No two pieces are the same.  Stands approximately 16cm (6") tall.

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Artist Story

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Local Artist/Crafter

During our travels, we came across some amazing people. For various reasons (mostly language barriers!) we may not always be able to obtain detailed information about the artist but we ensure that we maintain the standard of buying products that are locally made or unique to that place or country.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageSt. Goar, Germany

St. Goar, Germany

The drive along the Rhine to St Goar is quite incredible and the most amazing thing was the angle of the vineyards - how those Germans work those vineyards is beyond me. You will get sick of hearing "they are born with one leg shorter than the other"... but the thing is that even with different length legs it must be torture to pick grapes on those steep slopes. It does make the landscape just that much more staggering though, so good on those Germans!

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