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Kyoto, Japan

Nishijin Silk Cardholderby Local Artist/Crafter

This cardholder is made from Nishijin Silk which is a style of silk which originates from Kyoto, Japan, in fact it was introduced in Kyoto more than 1,200 years ago. Making Nishijin silk involves more than 20 steps and requires high skilled craftmen's work in each step. What an exquisite way of storing those credit cards or store cards! Measures approximately 12.5 cm (5") x 8 cm (3") and comfortably holds about 10-15 cards.

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Artist Story

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Local Artist/Crafter

During our travels, we came across some amazing people. For various reasons (mostly language barriers!) we may not always be able to obtain detailed information about the artist but we ensure that we maintain the standard of buying products that are locally made or unique to that place or country.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageKyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

We took the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto and we decided to lash out and stay at the hotel directly above the Kyoto train station. David was very excited to discover that this flashy hotel also had a heated toilet seat and a "bum washer" as he called it (bidet to us more classy robins) in the toilet (men are weird)!

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