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Newcastle, Indiana, USA

Wooden Book Garden Vegetablesby Amanda Troxell

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A simple, sturdy wooden "book" for little hands to hold. Pages include simple wood-burned pictures of a carrot, tomato, peas, mushroom, cucumber and onion. Three double-sided solid poplar "pages" are 3.5" x 3.5" and 1/4" thick. Pages are bound with 100% wool yarn, felted for durability. Finished with a homemade natural beeswax wood polish. For more of these lovely handmade toys click here.

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Amanda Troxell

"I think that people like our puzzles and toys for their simplicity. Any toy store can offer mass-produced, shiny and loud toys by the cart full. But taking a piece of wood and carefully shaping it, sanding it, painting and finishing it by hand is something more people are growing to appreciate it."

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