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Melbourne, Australia

Resin Ringby Alanna Stanley

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This ring was hand coloured using pigment infused resins. The patterns are created through the way that the different resins and pigments set. It has been hand sanded and polished - to be kept in best condition you need to moisturise your resin after use. The ring hole measures 1.8cm or 0.75" and it fits comfortably (if a tiny bit loosely) on a size P finger. Click here to see other products made by Alanna.

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Artist Story

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Alanna Stanley

"I enjoy getting all the new fabrics and materials and putting them together with matching buttons and trimmings to make pretty things. I think my products are made unique by the fabric choices and often vintage buttons or trims."

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageMelbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is our hometown and there is so much to love about it.  We have the most fantastic restaurants and cafes, excellent shopping, great artist markets, a sports obsessed culture and a thriving arts scene.

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