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Jasper, Athabasca Falls, Canada

Print Of Original Paintingby James Olaf McIntyre

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A print on 100% rag watercolour paper including acid free mat board, from an original painting by the artist. Titled "Athabasca Falls - low". Measures approximately 28 x 22cm (11 x 8.5").

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Artist Story

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James Olaf McIntyre

James was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on January 7, 1943. Like many children he was always doodling and drawing. He just never stopped. When he was ten years old he painted his first oil painting, a number painting Christmas gift which he immediately made use of, to paint a completely different picture. Although he is colourblind, an unusual handicap for art, his family was impressed enough to give James a birthday gift of paint tubes, medium and boards.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageJasper, Canada

Jasper, Canada

We drove from Vancouver to Kamloops, through the mountains with their snow covered peaks, to Kamloops,  where we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast right on the river and our friendly hosts, Bridget & Dean cooked an amazing breakfast for us and gave David a pen with a light on it that he still uses! They also told us a story about how eagles come to fish there and how they sometimes fly down and take off with the odd domestic pet - I had nightmares about Oly and Ringo being swooped away by a big eagle after that (thanks Bridget and Dean!). 

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