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Lake Louise, Canada

Dragonfly Fibre Artcardby Linda McBain Cuyler

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"Small Dragonfly" Frame-able Fibre Artcard, handmade in Canada - acrylic with machine embroidery. Measures approximately 19 x 7.5cm (14 x 5.5").

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Artist Story

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Linda McBain Cuyler

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageLake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise is an emerald lake set against the backdrop of Victoria Glaciear.  It is a few hours drive from Jasper, and the drive is just spectacular, one of the world's great mountain drives.  The Lake itself is stunning, even though it was still frozen over when we were there in May.  The only problem with Lake Louise is that it kept reminding me of a saying that my dad used to say "Sharon Louise has fat knees" (my middle name is Louise).  Other than that I really enjoyed our time there.

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