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Namur, Belgium

Ceramic Dishby Odette Dijeux

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Handmade ceramic dish, signed by artist, Odette Dijeux on back of dish.  We stumbled across this shop in Namur, Belgium, and met the lovely artist, Odette. Measures approximately 20cm (8") long x 8cm (3") wide and 2.5cm (1") deep.

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Artist Story

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Odette Dijeux

For years Odette Dijeux has been producing all types of ceramic pottery for the home.  It's not every day you stumble across an artist that has so much history to her name, and is so well known and well liked in her local and surrounding areas.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageNamur, Belgium

Namur, Belgium

As we drove into Namur, ours ears pricked up at the sound of singing and drums beating. There were lots of people dressed in traditional costume all lined up on an elevated platform, singing and playing their hearts out. What a great way to be welcomed into the city! We were unsure what the name of the group was so we named them "The Fleugameisters". The first thing we did when we pulled the car over was to hunt for some lunch.

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