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Graz, Austria

Etching of Herrengasseby Hans Hofer

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Miniature-like etching of "Graz, Herrengasse" on card.  Beautiful and unique piece of art. Measures approximately 12 x 14.5cm (5 x 6").

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Artist Story

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Hans Hofer

Hans Hofer (1899-1976) arrived in Graz in 1918.  He is most fondly remembered for his miniature-like etchings of Graz.


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Travel Diary

polaroid imageGraz, Austria

Graz, Austria

Graz is Austria's 2nd largest city. Arnie Schwarzie was born in Graz, a fact which Graz used to be quite proud of, but since an execution that took place while Arnie was Governor of California, Graz wants nothing more to do with him. The old town was gorgeous, and the city had a really nice vibe, lots of people out and about, shopping, eating and drinking. The city is quite beautiful, it's architecture a standout.

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