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Sirmione, Italy

"Row Boat" Paintingby Serafino Zanella

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Oil painting by Sirmione artist, one row boat, in  brown wooden frame with hook attached, ready for hanging.  14 x 11 cm (or 5.5 x 4.5 inches).

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Artist Story

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Serafino Zanella

We met Zanella Serafino at his little studio, tucked away within the walls of the castle located on Lake Garda, near Verona. The studio incorporates a stunning little gallery showcasing many of his artistic works.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageSirmione, Italy

Sirmione, Italy

Sirmione is a typically stunning Italian town situated on Lago di Gada, which is one of Italy's largest lakes. The interesting thing about this lake is that it is shaped like part of the male anatomy (that part that men spend a lot of time thinking about). If you don't believe me, get out a map and check it out.

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