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Wolfsberg, Austria

Hand Painted "Bird" Cardby Local Artist/Crafter

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Original hand painted art card with envelope included. Can be used as a gift card for a special person or just frame it and hang it! Measures approximately 18 x 11cm (7 x 4.25").

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Artist Story

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Local Artist/Crafter

During our travels, we came across some amazing people. For various reasons (mostly language barriers!) we may not always be able to obtain detailed information about the artist but we ensure that we maintain the standard of buying products that are locally made or unique to that place or country.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageWolfsberg, Austria

Wolfsberg, Austria

Wolfsberg (the town) is the capital of the Wolfsberg district. It is situated within the Alps in the valley of the Lavant River and as a result, the town is full of gorgeous bridges that run across the river and through the town.

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