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London, England

Carddies Farm Setby Carddies Limited

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This Farm Set has:

  • 12 double sided, hand drawn characters made of white, premium card
  • a hand-drawn card scene
  • 12 high quality FSC Carddies colouring pencils
  • 12 plastic stands
All the contents are packaged in a perfect, sturdy card box. ??Take them with you wherever you go! For more Carddies, click here.

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$19.95 AUD

Artist Story

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Carddies Limited

Carddies Limited is owned by two sisters, Raquel and Esther.  During a rainy seaside holiday Raquel started drawing little card people for her three house bound girls, using the backs of cereal packs and any card to hand. Since then Raquel has drawn hundreds of little card people for many children, who love them and play with them for hours.

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Carddies Limited

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