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Bamberg, Germany

Leather Cat Money-box

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Bright pink leather covered cat shaped money bank with orange, green, yellow and blue detail.  Purchased in Bamberg from women volunteering their time to run the shop and handmade by women living in poverty in India.  Approximate size is 14x11cm (5.5x4.2").

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageBamberg, Germany

Bamberg, Germany

We decided to go to Bamberg because it sounded a bit like hamburger. That's not true but it's an amusing thought. In my opinion, Bamberg is a must see if you go to Germany. It boasts the most amazing collection of beautiful buildings, they are all incredibly old (17th and 18th century) and extremely well preserved. We spent quite a bit of time just wandering around the gorgeous streets ogling the buildings, taking a ridiculous amount of photos, and just getting lost in this stunning city.

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