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Melbourne, Australia

Newborn Baby Beanieby Green Sheep

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This beanie is handmade with love from 100% recycled and donated wool so that you can feel good that your kiddies are warm and toasty without warming the planet. Each beanie is an original, one off design, created in Melbourne, Australia. Made to fit a newborn with head circumference measuring approx 34 cm. To see more handmade beanies click here.

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Artist Story

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Green Sheep

"I try my hardest at all times to do my best for the environment so I never buy new wool.  I only use recycled or donated wool and accessories. Each design is a one off original and will not be repeated."

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageMelbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is our hometown and there is so much to love about it.  We have the most fantastic restaurants and cafes, excellent shopping, great artist markets, a sports obsessed culture and a thriving arts scene.

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