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Melbourne, Australia

"I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now"by Damon Smith

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Like a diary left open and unattended on a park bench, Damon Smith and the Quality Lightweights' latest opus, I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now is a raw and honest collection of intimate ruminations, peaking curiosity and warranting closer inspection.

Songwriter Damon Smith; musically accompanied by The Quality Lightweights, crafts tunes that are disarmingly candid and inviting. Each song that comprises I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now could as easily be a story told from a seat next to you at the bar than from a stage. Peppered with moments of wit, unflinching and, at times, brutal honesty I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now showcases Smith's exacting lyrical nous.

Musically, I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now, equally illustrates this exacting nature. Predominately accompanied by guitar, piano, percussion and The Quality Lightweight's harmonies, Smith's treacle-dipped yet stoic vocal is joined sparingly with flourishes of strings to create a complete, albeit sparse, melodic landscape. As a result, I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now is an unpretentious and accessible listen.

A diverse collection, I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now traverses a plethora of experience and emotion. The almost jaunty swing of 'This Thing In My Chest' is tempered by the anguished howls of 'My Miss Sunshine' whilst the direct yet delicate poetry of 'I Won't Wait Around Here' hold a deep resonance. The album has lighter moments also, with "Call Up Dad' and 'Transfixed And Dumb' easily illicit the odd smile and knowing nod.

I Thought I'd Be Someone By Now is Damon Smith and the Quality Lightweights second release in ten months, a testament to their prolific creativity and work ethic. This dedication has seen the band build a solid reputation in their hometown of Melbourne. This indefatigable charm has seen the band hold their own in prized support slots for the likes of Jeff Martin, Angie Hart, Dr John and The Foo Fighters to name a few.

Melbourne's Inpress mag called the latest record a 'beautiful little Melbourne music miracle'.

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Artist Story

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Damon Smith

Melbourne troubadour Damon Smith is a songwriter of the rarest skill; alongside The Quality Lightweights, Smith creates music that is starkly confessional but unerringly warm and inviting.

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageMelbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is our hometown and there is so much to love about it.  We have the most fantastic restaurants and cafes, excellent shopping, great artist markets, a sports obsessed culture and a thriving arts scene.

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