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Melbourne, Australia

"Socceroo" Owlby Focus On Art

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Socceroo is created almost completely from recycled materials.  As well as being ultra cute, this owl could serve to scare away any unwelcome avian thieves in your fruit trees until you're ready to pick them. Measures approximately 7cm (body diameter).  Due to the nature of using found objects, there may be scratches, scrapes, dents and other marks that serve as signs of the earlier use of those parts. To check out some of Socceroo's buddies, click here.

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Artist Story

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Focus On Art

Robyn from Focus On Art: "Someone once told me that an artist, or a musician, in the process of performing their art are actually in a state not unlike meditation and that resonates with me. I’m somehow at peace when creating and get huge satisfaction from this process..."

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Travel Diary

polaroid imageMelbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is our hometown and there is so much to love about it.  We have the most fantastic restaurants and cafes, excellent shopping, great artist markets, a sports obsessed culture and a thriving arts scene.

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