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Carcassone, France

Artwork: Local Plant Fibersby Genevieve Sicre

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Unique art work created using local plant fibers which are dispersed in water and dried in a press.  The main plants used are grass (for hay), papyrus, bay leaves, and chestnut.  The blue dye is also obtained from plants.  Artwork is approximately 42x15cm (16.5x5.9").

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Artist Story

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Genevieve Sicre

Artist details about Genevieve Sicre are soon arriving.....

Travel Diary

polaroid imageCarcassone, France

Carcassone, France

Carcassone was our first stop in France, it is only probably an hour drive from the Spanish border. It is a lovely medieval town with a stunning castle with a quaint village inside it. We stopped in this little village for nutella crepes and coffee for breakfast and it was one of those meals that was just perfect, probably due to a combination of perfect timing and wonderful ingredients.

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